We provide a wide array of services ranging from Property Management & Maintenance; to Quality & Cost-Control; to Management of Hospitality Services provided by third-parties.

We ensure your property integrates the latest technologies and innovations in the market, including eco-friendly renewable energy house and water heating solutions.

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Property management and maintenance

We at LifeQuo are responsible for the upkeep of your entire estate, meeting highest standards to maintain a safe and attractive property. With the required technical expertise, legal know-how, and extensive management skills, we cover all management and maintenance work in residential and commercial complexes and buildings, including flats, chalets, hotel suites, rooms and common areas, as well as offices and other properties.
Find all your property management and maintenance needs here at LifeQuo!

We offer superior quality services for entire residential properties and commercial real estate.

Property Management and maintenance

Common Area Services

Private Area Services

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing


Security, Safety & Hygienic Services

Quality and cost control

Our team handles all issues related to quality and cost control for all real estate properties and construction sites. We monitor quality and ensure compliance to contracts, governmental requirements and other legal agreements. We track and ensure cost-efficiency throughout all operations pertaining to the management of residential and commercial properties, as well as review, discuss and negotiate all upcoming offers.

Billing reports and procedures

Timely submission of invoices

Compliance to all requirements

Accuracy of reports

Tasks scheduling and monitoring

Setting milestone schedules

Regulated staff-client contact

Problems prevention and solving

Six Sigma and PMP certificate-holding staff

Quality and cost control

Management of hospitality services

At LifeQuo, in addition to securing a high quality of life, we aim to create a luxurious life style. We will be responsible for organizing, supervising and controlling all third-party providers of hospitality management services that you require at your residential and commercial properties.

Management of hospitality services

Management and maintenance

Compliance to guest needs

Quality and cost control

High standards of service

Hospitality staff supervision

Tasks organization

Reports submission

Hospitality providers selection

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