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LifeQuo is a full-source facility management, and property maintenance company based in Beirut, Lebanon. Established in 1985 and rebranded as LifeQuo in 2014, the company aims to shape the industry and set forth a new quality of life. LifeQuo consolidates and meets all residential and commercial property needs, offering a wide array of services through its professional and specialized team of experts who have been active for more than 30 years in various corresponding fields.

Mission Statement

LifeQuo main mission, is to reduce chaos and offer a secure, dependable and specialized source for all kind of properties. We do it by providing professional management, maintenance and hospitality services, ensuring and enforcing building rules and regulations, providing a reliably functional, healthy and esthetically well preserved living environment.

Vision Statement

To offer the highest level of excellent property management and set a new bar for the quality of life.

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Letter from our CEO

“All fields of the real estate industry have been heavily integrated in my family and have instilled in me a passion and dedication that has been passed down from generation to generation. Now, it is my turn to continue in the steps of the generations that came before me and establish an entity that will enhance real estate services and take them to a new level.

With the importance of the hospitality sector in the country and the current booming of residential complexes needing high-quality facility management and maintenance, we bring to you ‘LifeQuo’. With 'LifeQuo' I aim to provide residential and commercial property owners ‘peace of mind’ by combining multiple technical and managerial specializations under one umbrella to effectively meet all needs.

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Here at LifeQuo, we do not intend on simply offering services. Rather, we promise to offer you the lifestyle everyone dreams of. Our objective is to provide such superior property management and maintenance, as well as management of third-party hospitality services that we exceed customer expectations and set forth new standards of luxurious living. It is not about getting the job done but going one step beyond and leaving a lasting memory.

We want property owners, whether individuals or businesses, as well as tenants and guests to sleep comfortably at night without unnecessary tension and worries. We want to help provide a living experience that escapes the chaos of daily life. Thus, we will handle everything pertaining to property management and maintenance, quality and cost control, and hospitality management.

I am so excited to move forward into a new era with a higher ‘quality of life’ that we, our highly specialized and expert team and myself, aim to bring you.”

Paul Mouawad, LifeQuo CEO
2 November 2014

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